Spicy Foods and Hemorrhoid Relief

Spicy foods are delicious but I was not able to enjoy them when I was a chronic hemorrhoid sufferer. As I grew wiser and smarter about what I ate, I learned how to eat spicy food without compromising my digestive health.

Chiles are a major part of Mexican, Indian, Thai, Arab and Spanish cuisine so you are giving up a lot if you cannot eat them. There are all kinds of spicy peppers from jalapeño and ancho, to serrano and habanero, the spiciest of all chiles. The spiciest part of the chile is believed to be the seeds but it is actually hottest where the seed attaches to the white membrane, inside of the pepper. The seeds are spicy because they are very close to this part so remove them if you want a milder taste.

Poblanos are a great start for those looking to begin training their taste buds, as they are not as spicy as other peppers such as jalapeños. The key to eating spicy foods without provoking hemorrhoid irritation is in being very hydrated and in combining spicy food with fresh vegetables. I spent years shying away from spicy foods when I didn’t have to so I pass this information on to you. Don’t be scared to eat and enjoy peppers; just don’t eat spicy food when you have a hemorrhoid flare-up or are constipated, as this may increase your chances of hemorrhoid pain. Soon I will share with you some of the spicy dishes and salsa my family makes with these peppers.

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