Nutrition During a Hemorrhoid Flare-up

Nutrition during a painful hemorrhoid flare-up can help speed up the healing process. Most important is to keep white bread out of the diet and concentrate on eating a little more fiber than usual. Drinking Metamucil or any fiber drinks can make you bloated and interrupt your eating schedule which can bring more problems. If you choose to use them, use them in moderation. The foremost recommendation from one hemorrhoid sufferer to another is not to panic. Many times the pain and disability make us afraid. If you follow my recommendations, you will be free of hemorrhoid pain within two days.  Keep your meals balanced, eat two fruits and at least two cups of veggies. Drink water, stretch your body, rest with your feet up and try to relax the area.  Perform Kegel exercises a few times a day. Using a stool softener once a day can speed the healing process like nothing else.
If you have a lot of pain and you know you have external hemorrhoids, wearing Anuleaf AD for three days consecutively will give you excellent results. The product works by allowing the inflamed hemorrhoids to reverse into the anal cavity by eliminating the pressure caused by walking and simple body movements. There is nothing else in the market like this product — you can buy it at
Nutritional monitoring after hemorrhoid relief has been achieved should be continued until the hemorrhoid has completely reverted back to its normal size. Once you have healed completely, you can go back to white flours if you must but never without including some veggies and fruits in your diet.
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