¿Cuál es el Mejor Tratamiento para Hemorroides Externas?

Las hemorroides externas usualmente se confunden con hemorroides internas que están inflamadas y han crecido fuera aro anal. Cuando los doctores hablan acerca de hemorroides externas, ellos se refieren a las venas inflamadas en el aro anal. Existen venas en todo el sistema anal, el cual se compone del recto y el ano. Las hemorroides externas o que provienen del aro anal no son dolorosas usualmente.

Las hemorroides son cualquiera de estas venas inflamadas pero las hemorroides dolorosas son usualmente aquellas que provienen de adentro de nuestro cuerpo – de la pared rectal. Estas hemorroides son llamadas hemorroides internas prolapsadas ya que salen fuera de tu cuerpo y es fácil considerarlas hemorroides externas. Ten en cuenta que si tienes dolor, lo mas probable es que tengas una hemorroide interna prolapsada. Una de las cosas útiles que puedes hacer para ayudar a revertir la estrangulación del flujo de sangre es usar tus dedos para regresar la vena a su posición natural.

Cuando la reversión manual de la hemorroide no funciona, te recomendamos que uses Anuleaf AD. Este producto elimina la fricción que incrementa la inflamación y permite que tu cuerpo se alivie de manera rápida. Un ungüento durante los movimientos intestinales es también recomendado. Puedes ir al sitio web de Anuleaf para entender mejor como Anuleaf AD puede ayudar.

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16 Responses to “¿Cuál es el Mejor Tratamiento para Hemorroides Externas?”

  1. J. Walters Says:

    I am suffering from hemorrhoids for the first time in my life, and it’s very painful. I don’t have any idea of how cure them, I feel like I want get rid of them. I think I got them because I was stressed out!

  2. admin Says:

    Removing your hemorrhoids is not recommended. For starters, you can always get them again and you can’t remove all of your hemorrhoids or else you become incontinent.

  3. G. Rosen Says:

    That’s true. I had a terrible experience. I had hemorrhoids and went to the doctor, I didn’t know anything about this matter, and the doctor suggested me to go under surgery and I did it. My hemorrhroid was thrombosed. I was the most painful experience I have had in my life. Months later, I was constipated and they came back again. My question is how can I prevent them?

  4. J. Walters Says:

    If I can’t remove them, does that mean I will always suffer from hemorrhoids yuk!.

  5. G. Rosen Says:

    I felt angry and frustrated when they came back, so I started searching for a cure. Then I realized that my first hemorrhoids weren’t so complicated and I could have avoided the surgery, but some doctors just want to take your money.

  6. admin Says:

    The best thing you can do to prevent them is know why you are getting them. It is usually a combination of stress and diet. The best way to prevent them is to eat raw veggies and fruits daily. The minute you feel inflammation, you should not go to the gym or wear tight clothes. In the beginning you usually see or can feel a small bump and it is pink but not coming out of the anal ring. You can use Anuleaf AD at this point and it will reverse the inflammation process.

  7. J. Walters Says:

    I am desperate; I can’t tolerate this pain and discomfort…I have to go to work.

  8. admin Says:

    I know one of the things that hemorrhoids can do is make you angry and irrational, but don’t despair, there are many solutions, don’t stress yourself, as it is one of the factors that can promote hemorrhoids. Taking a day or two off to relax can prevent you from having to go under the knife or get a more invasive procedure. When you are in a lot of pain, wear Anuleaf AD continuously, do sitz baths and sleep well. This will be the fastest way of getting your hemorrhoids back to their natural place. Anuleaf AD allows your mobility to attend work and important meetings but you still need to rest and take it easy.

  9. J. Walters Says:

    Should I also take pain medication?

  10. admin Says:

    If the pain is severe you can take some pain medication, but in moderation. Pain medication can make you constipated. Taking a stool softener is also smart to avoid pushing and more inflammation due to hard stools.

  11. G. Rosen Says:

    I tried Anuleaf AD. I got hemorrhoids recently from the stress of my upcoming wedding and constant travel from work. I decided to give it a try because my pain was excrutiating and I didn’t have time to go to the doctor. It worked and it took me a while to get used to grabbing my butt everytime I took it off, but other than that the product was easy to use.

  12. admin Says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. How long did it take you to heal?

  13. G. Rosen Says:

    Two days, but I wore it day and night. I shaved and did it! I couldn’t believe I was doing that but it works and it was better than having to deal with the hemorrhoid.

  14. admin Says:

    That’s great. It takes us all a while to get used to a good idea so I appreciate you saying that. I hope you never get hemorrhoids again but please visit my web site at http://www.anuleaf.com and read all the info about prevention. Once you’ve had hemorrhoids once, you are more likely to get them again.

  15. J. Walters Says:

    I ordered the product after I had surgery and it helped a lot. I was crying every day when I knew I had to go to the bathroom. Hopefully I won’t get hemorrhoids again but if I do, I will try your suggestions and use Anuleaf like you said the surgery was terrible and I wouldn’t wish that again on my worst enemy!

  16. admin Says:

    Using the product after surgery helps the area heal as the friction in the area re-opens the wound and makes the healing process take longer. I certainly hope you don’t get them again but thank you for coming back and telling us about your recovery.

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