Disability and Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are not considered life threatening but they can be disabling. There are close to 10 million chronic hemorrhoid sufferers in the U.S. alone. The U.S. government pays disability for hemorrhoids to more than 120,000 veterans.

My point is that even though hemorrhoids are manageable and are usually not life-threatening, the degree of disability you can suffer, chronic or not, is great.

Hemorrhoid flare-ups can last up to two weeks and activate a week after their two week cycle if you are not an active participant in healing yourself.

The reason hemorrhoids cause disability is because of their location. The anal area is one of the areas in the human body with the highest concentration of nerves.  When a hemorrhoid becomes painful, the pain is excruciating but the location is what makes it disabling. As you walk, sit or sleep, the pain increases and so does the hemorrhoid inflammation, making it a difficult condition to heal.

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