Anorectal Abscesses and Hemorrhoids

Anorectal abscesses can be confused with hemorrhoids. These are often the result of an anal fistula and may be caused by trauma to the area, foreign body intrusion, malignancy, radiation, an immuno-compromised state, infectious dermatitis, Tuberculosis, Actinomycosisi, Crohn’s Disease or anal fissure.

Abscecces can also occur after anal surgeries such as Hemorrhoidectomy and Sphincteroctomy.  Abscess occurs more commonly in men. Most of the patients are older but children may also suffer from abscecces and oddly enough, there is a higher incidence of anal abscess in the spring and summer.

There are four types of abscess: perianal (around the anal ring), Ischiorectal (in the lower part of the gluteus), Inter-sphincteric (close to the rectal wall, on the side of the gluteus muscle) and supralevator (higher than the inter-sphincterir and next to the rectum). Treatment for these conditions is drainage The type of drainage depends on the type of abscess.

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